Problems With the Car you Bought?

Sometimes the enthusiasm of buying a new car leads to a person forgetting about important points.

Post Purchase Vehicle Inspection
Often when purchasing a vehicle, even from a reputable source, faults can develop soon after purchase. Or you may have suspicions doubts etc. Have you bought a vehicle and are now unsure that it is in the condition that it should be for its age and mileage or that you believe it has problems that make it of an unsuitable quality?
If this is the case we can inspect the vehicle and provide you with a report that will either put your mind at rest or place you in a position to take the matter further.
Besides Pre-Purchase Inspections we also carry out Post Purchase inspections on all types of Cars, Vans, Motor Homes, Restored Classic and Vintage Cars.
If you would like to book an inspection and for further information or to discuss your requirements contact us at: 0872453097 or visit:


Or: We will thoroughly inspect any component you feel is faulty