Buying a Campervan?

The inspection can be Accompanied or unaccompanied and will take place at the vendors premises or the inspector’s premises. Before you commit to buy, we carry out a thorough inspection of the van.

The inspection includes:

• External and internal full structural check.
• Leaks / sound / performance checks.
• Engine/Gearbox/transmission/ sound / performance checks.
• Braking System condition / performance checks.
• Exhaust system
• A throughout h road test.
• Pre-accident damage checks
• Mileage checks.
• A full furniture condition check.
• A full appliance condition check.


Insurance Companies require an engineer’s report or an assessor’s report before they will insure it!

Campervans are classified as commercial vehicles which need an engineer’s report. NCT reports will not suffice here as a campervan is not regarded as a Personal vehicle.

So essentially, in order to have your campervan ensured as roadworthy by an insurance company you will need an engineer’s report which we can provide.

To book an engineer’s report call 0872453097 or email/ visit

Van / Motorhome inspection (Prior Purchase or after purchase)